Thank you for your interest in Mississippi Cremation and Funeral Society. We don’t have a choice about how we enter this world, we do have the opportunity to make decisions about how we leave. We are honored that you would consider us in planning your own prearrangement or to provide you service with the death of a loved one.

My husband and I started the Mississippi Cremation and Funeral Society for people looking for a more affordable option that still maintains service and honor. Our families have lived in Mississippi since before Mississippi became a state. We care about the families we serve and view funeral service as a ministry.

Over the years, we have become one of the larger funeral homes in central and south Mississippi and operate in twenty three locations with a staff of over one hundred experienced, service oriented Mississippians. We own our own crematory so that those we serve never leave our care. It is important to deal with someone who cares about those they serve.

Thank you for placing your trust in Mississippi Cremation and Funeral Society.

Signature Charlotte Pearce